The history of LANDI Auto Gas Equipment

In 1939 Medardo Landi designed and build the first natural gas reducer for internal combustion engines.
Aware that he had invented an important product, he filed an application for "industrial patent rights", as the term was in those days. The following year he was granted authorisation to manufacture his invention by the Ministry of Corporations. In 1941 his product received special approval from the Communications Ministry as well. In the same year Medardo Landi participated in the first "Natural Gas Exhibition", organised by the National Natural Gas Institute.
He had to get through a lot of red tape before he was finally awarded an industrial patent for his natural gas reducer in 1941, two years after filing his application.
Just after the war Medardo Landi began producing his reducers industrially and participated in numerous trade fairs and exhibitions.
Landi's products were increasingly widely appreciated: production increased and he hired more staff. In the early '50s the company moved to larger premises in Piazza S. Paolo, where it was to stay for the next thirty years.

Another important project dates back to that time: the liquid gas reducer, destined to be as successful as the natural gas one. In 1955 the company suffered a severe setback when  Medardo Landi died at only 53. The company was then run by his widow Virginia, assisted by her daughter. The family managed to find the energy to keep going.
At that time the Common Market in Europe was still a dream. But not for Landi, which stipulated an agreement with Den Hartog of Holland for sale of its reducers in Europe in 1958: a partnership that would later be intensified with the establishment of Landi-Hartog Holland.

In 1969 a very innovative reducer was created: the Landi-Hartog reducer with "minimum separate" regulation. This reducer brought Landi to the world's attention: even the prestigious Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi started selling Landi products in Japan.
In the early '80s the company underwent a number of important transformations: new premises, more suitable in size and functions for the company's present and future. The company changed its legal form, from a partnership to a joint-stock company.

Since 1985 Landi has been working autonomously on international markets with its own marketing organisation.

LANDI Auto Gas Equipment has now become a Landi Renzo brand, the world's leading maker of LPG and natural gas systems for Automotive applications.